CISMAS was formed in 2004 to promote maritime archaeology in Cornwall and the Scillies and to encourage community archaeology.

Since then, CISMAS has undertaken over twenty projects on sixteen different sites. Comprehensive reports have been produced for all our projects and these can be downloaded from our resource centre.

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These are some of the sites CISMAS has worked on. You can read about each project by downloading the project report from our resource centre. Some of the sites have been the subject of multiple projects spanning many years.


Association (1707)Gilstone, Scilly
Bartholomew Ledges (16th C)Scilly
Colossus (1798)St Mary’s Roads, Scilly
Eagle (1707)Tearing Ledge, Scilly
Firebrand (1707)Smith Sound, Scilly
Royal Anne Galley (1721)Lizard, Cornwall
Unknown (1250-80)Tresco Channel, Scilly
Unknown (17th C)Low Lee, Mount’s Bay
VariousMounts Bay Survey
Wheel Wreck (1780-90)Little Ganinick, Scilly


Crab Ledges (Prehistoric)Tresco, Scilly
Samson Flats (Prehistoric)Samson, Scilly
Wherry Mine (1778)Wherrytown, Penzance


Here are a few photos from our projects. Visit our gallery to see more.

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We are an informal society run by a small committee (Sharon Austin, Kevin Camidge and Brendon Rowe). If you would like to get involved in any of our projects then we would love to hear from you.

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