The following organisations have all provided generous support to CISMAS

The Heritage Lottery Fund
A grant of £50,000 towards the Mount’s Bay Maritime survey



A grant of £25,000 to enable the debris field survey of HMS Colossus in the Isles of Scilly



English Heritage
Historic England (formerly English Heritage) have commissioned projects on Colossus, Tresco Channel and Samson Flats



A major sponsor of the Firebrand shipwreck recording project



3H Consulting
3H consulting have provided copies of their Site Searcher software for collecting magnetometer and bathymetric data. Also copies of their Site Recorder GIS for marine archaeology



Otter Watersports
Otter provided Britannic Superskin drysuits to the CISMAS team on advantageous terms. A dry diver is a happy diver!



Weazle Logo

Weezle Diving Services supplied Extreme Plus under suits to CISMAS team members at discounted rates in 2016

Ambient Pressure Diving
AP Diving provided free sofnolime for rebreather users on CISMAS project




C.TAG - High Visibility, Non Toxic, Anti-Fouling Underwater Markers

supplied a new underwater sign for the Colossus wreck site



Promare funded the joint CISMAS/Promare Tresco Channel survey in 2011



University of Bristol
The University of Bristol have supported the Firebrand shipwreck recording project since 2006



Kerrier Developments
Supporters of the Firebrand shipwreck recording project



Opti-cal Survey Equipment
Opti-cal Survey Equipment have provided discounted hire rates for the Samson Flats inter-tidal field survey as well as free training for CISMAS members.



Periscope Publishing donated SCUBA equipment for use on CISMAS projects