HMS Colossus - monitoring survey

There are numerous small artefacts associated with the wreck of Colossus exposed on the seabed.
The main aim of this project is to record these objects, to survey their current position and monitor their condition. This will allow a proper evaluation of what is present and what the current condition of the exposed objects is. Once this base-line survey of the objects has been made, the amount of object mobility, loss and deterioration can be determined in subsequent monitoring surveys.

A secondary aim of this project is to record the timbers on the western edge of the site which became exposed in August-September 2009. It is important to record these timbers once they become exposed as previous work on the site has demonstrated that they begin to deteriorate as soon as they are exposed. It has been found (Stabilisation Trials 2003-2005) that the main threat to the exposed timbers is from wood boring organisms (Teredo and Limnoria).

Monitoring survey : the approximate area to be covered by the object monitoring survey is shown as a dashed blue line




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