HMS Colossus

Sediment Level Monitoring 2014


In 2014 the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Maritime Archaeology Society (CISMAS) undertook maintenance work of the sediment monitoring points on the wreck of HMS Colossus in the Isles of Scilly. During this work an area of newly exposed wreck material was found partly buried in the seabed some 25m to the east of the stern of the vessel.


The newly exposed material to the east of the wreck found in 2014




This previously unsuspected material consists of timber hull elements with fastenings, parts of the ship’s rigging including rope, and a collection of personal items. Some of the personal items (a bone brush, 53 pewter uniform buttons and a sample of fabric) were recovered. You can download the full  report of this work Colossus Sediment Level Monitoring 2014 

Deadeye and remains of rope.  Scale = 0.3m


Buttons, shoe and brush

Collection of personal items found in 2014: leather shoe sole (next to scale), area of fabric (below the shoe), bone brush/shoe horn and a group of 53 pewter buttons.



 Bone brush / shoehorn F1100. Note the copper alloy wire used to secure the bristle bundles


Pewter button
One of the 53 Pewter uniform buttons [F1150] marked ’25 SUSSEX REGT.’


CISMAS will undertake a small excavation in July 2015 in the area of this newly exposed material. The aim of this project is to determine the nature and extent of this new material and to rescue any artefacts in imminent danger of dispersal due to the falling sediment levels on the site. Any items recovered will be deposited with the Isles of Scilly museum once they have been conserved at York Archaeological Trust.

The Sediment Level Monitoring was undertaken by CISMAS 13th-18th July 2014


The project report can be downloaded here