CISMAS Projects

HMS Colossus Samson Flats HMS Firebrand Measuring sediment levels


Completed Projects  


Colossus Debris Field Survey 2005
Hayle Ship's Timbers 2005 2005
Colossus Stabilisation and Recording 2008
Firebrand Recording Project 2009
Samson Flats Field Survey 2010
The Lyonesse Project 2010
HMS Colossus Monitoring Survey 2010
HMS Colossus Monitoring & Investigation 2012
HMS Colossus SLM 2014
HMS Colossus Dive Trail 2014
HMS Colossus Excavation 2015
Ongoing Projects  
Mount's Bay Survey Work will continue on the survey of Mount's Bay
Royal Anne Galley Environmental Monitoring

Further monitoring work will be undertaken by CISMAS

Side scan survey of John R Park Summer 2017
HMS Colossus Investigation CISMAS will undertake survey of newly exposed material in May 2017
Low Lee, Mounts Bay This project will continue in 2017
Isles of Scilly virtual dive trails Survey of the protected wrecks in the Isles of Scilly will take place in 2017 to facilitate the production of virtual dive trails for these sites.