HMS Colossus: debris field survey 2004
The Photographs


Project outline
ADU magnetometer survey
Wessex Archaeology survey
Project methodology
The targets
Targets investigated
Targets identified
Plan of the targets identified
Summary of anomalies investigated
Anomalies yet to be investigated
The photographs
Appendix 1 -Magnetic anomaly graphs
Appendix 11 -Colossus debris field survey - diver record sheet

Detail of the angle-crown anchor[12/1788] showing the arm and fluke

Angle-crown anchor [12/1788]

Trunnion of gun 9 showing the trunnion strap [15/4448]

Gun 10 [16/2035]

Blomefield 32lb gun on the Garrison, St Mary’s

Gun 9 [10/942] Scale 0.50m

Round-crown anchor with one arm buried in the seabed [11/5880]

Gun 7 cascabel

Detail of gun 10 showing the concreted chain around the trunnions (arrowed)

Gun 7 muzzle