HMS Colossus: debris field survey 2004
Project Outline

The aim of the project is to identify and survey surviving elements of the Colossus wreck site, and in particular to establish the extent and precise nature of the debris field of the wreck. The field work of the project is in three parts.

Firstly, there was a physical survey of the anomalies identified by the magnetometer survey conducted in 2002 by the Archaeological Diving Unit. This phase of the project was carried out by CISMAS in the first two weeks of September 2004 and is the subject of this report. Secondly, we plan to undertake further geophysical survey in the early part of 2005. This will entail a magnetic survey of the areas not covered by the ADU survey, possibly with the addition of a sidescan sonar survey if funds allow. A caesium vapour magnetometer will be deployed for the magnetic survey. It is proposed that the parts of the designated area not covered by the ADU magnetic survey will be surveyed as well as additional areas to the south, east and south west of the designated area. Lastly, the anomalies detected by the additional geophysical survey will be investigated and recorded. This work will take place in the second half of 2005.

A report of the debris field survey will be prepared and deposited with English Heritage, the National Monuments Record and the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Historic Environment Record. In addition, a website is in preparation by CISMAS detailing the work on the debris field survey. CISMAS will also produce a small ‘popular’ booklet on the project, a temporary display which will probably be housed in the St Mary’s Museum on the Isles of Scilly and a short video of the project.







Project outline
ADU magnetometer survey
Wessex Archaeology survey
Project methodology
The targets
Targets investigated
Targets identified
Plan of the targets identified
Summary of anomalies investigated
Anomalies yet to be investigated
The photographs
Appendix 1 -Magnetic anomaly graphs
Appendix 11 -Colossus debris field survey - diver record sheet