HMS Colossus: debris field survey 2004

I would like to thank everyone involved with this project for the time and effort so freely given which has made the project possible. Many of the individuals concerned have given up significant amounts of their annual leave and spare time to take part. The whole project has been carried out by volunteers; no one has received any payment for their contribution.

The following all deserve special mention

LHI for providing a grant towards the project.
All the members of CISMAS, but especially the following: Robin and Janet Witheridge, who took part in the survey and provided the RIB which was used for the survey. Brendon Rowe, the treasurer of CISMAS who has given invaluable help with the logistics of the project as well as taking part in the survey. Geoff Fuller, the chairman of CISMAS who has given much support. Peter Holt, who provided a copy of Site Recorder as well as a week of his time to help with the survey. CISMAS members Sharon Austin, Helen Butcher, John Macken, Luke Randall, Honor Thorley and Andrew Weber who all spent at least a week working on the survey. Conducting circular searches of often barren seabed in poor weather conditions is not high on most divers list of must do activities. That some of the CISMAS divers did this cheerfully for one or two weeks is a testament to their dedication.

Thanks are due to the following for assistance and hospitality: Dave McBride, Richard & Bridget Larn, Phil Rees, John Ives, Truan Hicks, Tim Allsop, Alec Colyer, Geoff Penhaligan and Jim Heslin.

Kevin Camidge October 2004

Project outline
ADU magnetometer survey
Wessex Archaeology survey
Project methodology
The targets
Targets investigated
Targets identified
Plan of the targets identified
Summary of anomalies investigated
Anomalies yet to be investigated
The photographs
Appendix 1 -Magnetic anomaly graphs
Appendix 11 -Colossus debris field survey - diver record sheet